Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Most people have heard of affiliate network marketing and for the most part people do understand what it is and how it works. What people don’t realize is that there are some amazing things happening in the affiliate marketing industry.

“Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs” When affiliate programs first entered the market, most people were a little slow to see their potential. While network marketing had been so huge and the commission structure seemed so much better, affiliate network marketing seemed like too little commission for the effort. It definitely took some time, but soon network marketers started to realize the amazing potential in affiliate marketing and it is now the fastest growing niche in network marketing.

“Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs” or Affiliate marketing programs were basically an abbreviated version of network marketing with faster results. All forms of network marketing involve some level of sales and involve introducing people to a product or service idea. In network marketing it is not enough for the individual to want the product but they have to be so excited about it that they want to get other people interested in it as well.

Looking back over my network marketing years I hate to tally up all the money I lost if the goal had been either get people interested in the product or get them interested in the business. Plenty of people loved my products but so few were interested I the business. Perhaps part of that was my fault because I am not the best network marketer out there and I’m sure I fell short in my delivery a few times.

So I did what many people end up doing in network marketing. I quit. For a long time affiliate marketing didn’t interest me because without evaluating it, it looked just like network marketing. It took me several years to understand the difference between the two.

The issue that frustrated me in network marketing was the core difference in affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing the profit is made whether someone wants to be involved in the business or if they just want the product. It’s about as simple as finding a really cool website that you’re excited about and telling your friends how cool it is and so they go and check it out. Of course you’ll need more people than most of us have friends in order to make a good profit, but the concept is still the same.

A Good Business Made Even Better

Once I began to really understand affiliate marketing and how people were rapidly building fortunes, I was knocked off my socks once again when I discovered a very specific type of affiliate marketing that was blowing the competition away.

“Pay per lead affiliate programs” are by far one of the most phenomenal home based businesses on the net to make money. This is the best of all “I failed network marketing because” concepts.

With “pay per lead affiliate marketing” plans you don’t even have to sell the product anymore. All my excuses have dwindled from “Nobody wants to do the business” to “Nobody likes my product” straight down to nothing.

With the pay per lead affiliate plan if somebody checks it out and they want to join the business then that’s great. If there’s not interested in the business but they want to buy the product then that’s great. If they are just looking and have no real idea about what they want well then that’s great as well because with pay per lead affiliate programs you get paid if all they do is fill out their information.

“Pay per lead affiliate programs” are serious money makers if you join the right one. In fact, pay per lead affiliate programs may eventually make other affiliate programs completely obsolete. The basic foundation of these programs is based on creating multiple streams of income. We have all heard that expression before, but most often we associate it with having more than one business pulling in profit. “Pay per lead affiliate programs” allow you to develop multiple streams of income from one business, one marketing effort, and one website.

What makes this so phenomenal is that you can actually retain these multiple streams of income from just one visitor. Because if Nancy is wandering around out there in cyberspace and she is just looking for a way to bring home a little cash she may pop in on your website and fill out her information. You get paid for that. Two weeks later when Nancy is still wandering around out there she has remembered that she wanted to take a second look at your website and this time she decides she wants to try the product, so you get paid for that sale. Two weeks later she is completely in love with the product, realizes that you got paid twice for her two actions, and now she wants in on this business. Yes, you get paid for that, too.

From one marketing effort you receive three streams of income. Most of the time it probably won’t happen the way that Nancy went about it. The real point is that a person has options when they come to your affiliate website and that equals three streams of income from the same marketing effort. That’s really exciting if you start to realize that some “pay per lead affiliate programs” offer tier payments as well.

Tier Payments

Tier payments are pretty simple as long as you understand network marketing. Tier payments are the financial heart of the affiliate program compensation plan. Once Nancy came back and realized she wanted to be part of the business plan she became your first tier down line. Most affiliate programs include a first tier payment. When Nancy gets her first tier down line, they will become your second tier. The process continues all the way down through. Some affiliate plans pay only through the first or second tier payment while others go to a generous eight or ten tier payment plan.

While the actual percentages of tier payment plans may seem quite nominal, these payments actually add up into significant sums as long as there is activity in the tiers. These tiny percentages add up into even healthier incomes when you consider that pay per lead programs give you three streams of income. You are now earning small percentages on three separate streams of income for up to eighteen people, depending on the tier payment plan.

Why Not Network Marketing?

If affiliate pay per lead programs are so good you may be wondering why not just get involved again in network marketing. After all the commissions in network marketing are much higher than affiliate marketing plans. While this may be true, affiliate marketing plans have several distinct advantages over network marketing.

Affiliate marketing plans are typically inexpensive to join, and in some cases even free. Multi level marketing businesses tend to run much higher just for the right to join their program let alone get into advertising and marketing costs. The costs of some of the better multi level marketing programs can run in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars simply to join the program. Prospects who are truly interested in joining find these start up costs rather prohibitive.

Network marketing pays higher commissions, but they only pay commissions. Granted you receive commissions on several tiers, but unlike pay per lead affiliate programs you can not readily develop two or three streams of income from one marketing plan.

Network marketing requires at the very least a retail sale to generate commission. “Pay per lead affiliate programs” only require enough interest in the program or product to fill out some contact information in order to receive payment.

Some people find network marketing plans suit them perfectly and they are capable of running a solid business from these plans. However the majority of new to home business opportunity seekers are finding the pay per lead affiliate network marketing plan something they feel more confident in finding their success. Confidence is a key factor in success. Belief in the ability to build a reasonable income is half of what it takes to be successful in any web based business.

However don’t feel obligated to take my word for it. There is a fabulous website perfect for finding exactly this type of information. Whether you are looking for a specific affiliate program, “pay per lead affiliate program”, or simply want to compare affiliate programs with multi level marketing programs, affiliatepit is a really excellent resource to help you determine what is right for you. I personally found the information on “pay per lead affiliate programs” life changing.

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